Men Dominate Women? Understand Why There Are Dominating Women!

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Published: 30th August 2009
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Does Your Women Try to Dominate You? Is she one of those "dominant women"? It is in a womens nature to try to dominate men. Most men make the BIG MISTAKE of trying to please her all the time, giving her all what she asks for. Mistake? Yes. She's actually expecting that you will not allow her to dominate you. Learn how to handle that situation without being neither rude nor treating her meanly, and as a last tip, do not think you are living all the time under this test. You do not need to be defensive.

One of the women I interviewed confessed me she carried out 3 tests on her man before actually getting married with him: She made him drink until he could drink no more, to see if he got aggressive. She also spent a whole afternoon teasing, pestering, annoying, bothering, and humiliating him as she wanted to find out if he was capable of hitting or insulting her. The third one was going to a dangerous neighborhood, to see if he was afraid of being held-up or assaulted, or to see if he would abandon her in a dangerous situation. Although she is showing the traits of a dominant women, she is simply looking out for her own well being.

Why, you might ask? Because when a woman ultimately becomes a mother, she knows she will be in a very vulnerable situation. Some women will be always ready to sacrifice her job, career, friends and other things just to be able to look after her children, she wants to make sure that her husband will be there to support her.

Instinct? Maybe, but it is the way they are... Allow her to dominate or feel safe in these ways and you will never lose her.

Remember These Tips:
' Every woman is different, so there are not exact rules to understand them.
' Women prefer a sort of "tender jerk" for man: someone romantic, chivalrous, sweet, affectionate, comforting... but at the same time, someone who shows himself masculine, strong, powerful and aggressive, especially before the rest of the world.
' Some women will try to dominate men, some will not, so get ready for tests and not to give in your position of man before any woman.
' Show yourself manly and they will like you easier.
' As society evolves, women become more independent, but intimately they have not changed much. Just try to avoid stereotypes and get to know the woman you really have in front of you.

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